Home{Spring 2013}{Summer Tease}
Home{2013}{Spring has Sprung} 
Home{October 31st, 2013}{Halloween Gloom} 
Central Park{February 17th, 2014}{The Search} 
Huntington Beach, California {August 4th, 2013}{Chasing the Sun} 
Hollywood, California {July 30th, 2013}{Reunion} 
Central Park{February 17th, 2014}{Surround} 
Home{March 13th, 2014}{Drenched} 
New York City, New York {February 17th, 2014}{The Met} 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City{February 17th, 2014}{Cold day, Hot dog} 
New York Public Library, New York City {February 16th, 2014}{Bookin It} 
New York City, New York{February 16th, 2014}{Sea of Skyscrapers} 
SoHo, New York City, New York{February 16th, 2013}{Deli}